The Einsteinium Foundation

Einsteinium is a cryptocurrency with a philantropic side goal of funding scientific research and school projects!

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The Cryptocurrency

Einsteinium like other coins is embarking in an ambitious project that will make cryptocurrencies viewed outside of the cryptocurrency world as something beneficial for everyday use and projects.

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The specifications

Einsteinium runs on the Proof-Of-Work scrypt algorithm. The total amount coins that will be in circulation after the mining is 299millions coins (after 730 Epochs).

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The wormhole

Each Wormhole Event occurs randomly during each epoch and last 180 blocks, the reward of those blocks are 2973 EMC2 per block

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Einsteiniumcoin uses a POW scrypt algorithm and will have a total of 299 million coins . 2.5% of each block will go to the Einsteinium Foundation with 2% to be given to science projects and .5% going towards faucets, give-aways. and marketing. Einsteinium had no premine. The Einsteinium coin include Wormhole events, this feature is unique to Einsteinium.

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